Watson's Recommends: Tiger Eyes sumac


Tiger Eyes Sumac

Height: 6'
Width: 6'
Sunlight: Full sun
Water: Medium
Care: Prune in early spring as needed
Pair with: Evergreens


Tiger Eyes sumac are known for their bold color and are a favorite accent plant at Watson’s. In springtime foliage starts out chartreuse then shifts to a vibrant gold in the fall–both colors contrast nicely against fuzzy rosey-pink stems. Branches angle upwards and deeply cut leaves sweep down, giving them a soft feathery feel. Tiger Eyes are hardy and tolerate a variety of soils, making them perfect for just about any sunny spot in your yard.

We recommend:

The bold colors of Tiger Eyes make it ideal as an accent plant. Intersperse with shrubs and conifers in darker green or purple hues. Add to areas on your landscape that you would like to highlight, such as paths and entryways.

Soft features make Tiger Eyes a good transition shrub from cultivated to unmanaged areas in the garden.

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