Summer Watering Tips


Summer has arrived! Whether you’re establishing new plants or trying to help your current ones thrive in the summer heat, a consistent watering schedule is key. Here are some things to keep in mind this summer:


— The frequency that plants need watered depends on their soil and drainage. We recommend getting a feel for your plants’ needs—literally! Check the soil around the base of the plant with your fingers. If it is still wet, hold off on watering—most plants don’t like to be kept in soggy conditions. Doing this two or three times allows you to get a feel for how often you should be watering.


— As the weather heats up, expect to adjust your watering schedule; a watering schedule that works well in April will not work well in July.


— If you don’t think you’re able to keep up a consistent watering schedule, there is a variety of equipment that can help you. Soaker hoses, watering timers, and drip systems are all wonderful solutions that are easy to tailor to your garden’s needs. Laying down three to four inches of mulch is also a great way to maintain soil moisture and keep your plants’ root systems cool. 


— Annuals, hanging baskets, and potted plants all need watered very frequently; we recommend watering at least every other day. If you’re leaving for vacation, make sure you’ve made arrangements with someone who can water for you, or invest in a timed drip system. While it may seem like soaking your plants before leaving for vacation is a good enough solution, it is rarely enough to keep them happy & hydrated in your absence.


— Newly planted ‘drought-tolerant’ perennials still require consistent watering during their first dry season. This allows them to establish their root systems, which is what makes them able to tolerate drought so well!