Fall is Perfect for Planting

Planting isn’t just for springtime, fall is one of our favorite seasons to plant structural plants and perennials that you will enjoy for years to come! Autumn’s cooler air is ideal for planting trees and shrubs. Soil is still warm enough to allow roots to grow and the return of rainfall helps new plantings become established before they go dormant for the winter. Perennials also do extremely well when planted in the fall season, so you can do a lot of work now to make your yard look great–while setting the stage for a even better garden next spring.

Fall is also a time you’ll find great savings at our annual Nursery and Perennial Sale. All trees, shrubs and perennials are 30% off through the end of September.

We get fresh shipments in every year, just for the sale–so make sure you don’t miss out on this ideal planting season

Below you'll find our recommendations to get your garden off to a great start this season and make it beautiful for years to come!