Green Screens and Borders

When considering a planting a green fence or border in your yard you have to consider the size of your space. At Watson's we carry a shrub varietals that are perfect for small to medium-sized yards. Here are a couple of our favorites



Height: 8-10'
Width: 8-10'
Sunlight: Full sun
Water: tolerates mild, periodic dry spells
Care: Prune photinia so they don't become to dense. When air cannot flow through the shrub it becomes susceptible to disease.

Photinia are a medium-sized evergreen shrub that is ideal as a green screen. New growth is a bright red, maturing to large dark green leaves after a few weeks.


Distylium: Cinnamon Girl

Height: 2-3'
Width: 3-4'
Sunlight: Full sun
Water: Medium moisture
Care: Prune as needed in late winter.

A wonderful evergreen shrub that is new on the market and is perfect for borders. Topping out a just three feet tall, Cinnamon Girl is a good alternative to boxwood. It offers a similar compact structure with plum-purple new growth that turns blue-green as the leaves mature.