Planting Trees for Structure in Small Spaces

Don't be afraid of planting trees in your small to medium-sized yard or garden. At Watson's we carry a variety of trees that can add structure and interest to your landscape that won't grow too large for your space.


Paperbark Maple

Height: 15-18’
Width: 15-20’
Sunlight: partial shade to full sun

Paperbark maples provide the seasonal color you would expect of a deciduous tree–with soft green leaves turning red in fall–but the peeling bark is what makes this tree stand out from the crowd. Even in winter beautiful papery sheets of bark peel off to reveal cinnamon-red new bark underneath.


Weeping BLUE Atlas cedar

Height: 15-20’
Width: 15-20’
Sunlight: full sun

Weeping Blue Atlas Cedars are a wonderfully versatile evergreen that will add drama to any landscape. Sprawling branches covered in blue needles add a layer of dimension among green foliage. Stake them up for a cascading effect or trail them along a fence line to create a beautiful green screen.