Repotting Indoor Plants

Picking out a new pot to go with your new houseplant is exciting! Just keep in mind the size of your plant you are bringing home. Here are a few tips for success:

  •  Ideally the plants need a pot that drains well.  If not then watering will need to be monitored closer.

  • Allow the plant to be in its new environment for at least 30 days to acclimate before removing the grower’s plastic pot.

  • Most plants like staying in smaller pots, so find a pot that is the same size as the pot you have the plant in.

  • You can get the next size up in pot and set the grower’s plastic pot inside the decorative pot until the plant is ready to repot.

  • If you purchase the plant in a 6” grower’s plastic pot, then you want to find a decorative pot that is not larger than 8”.

  • If the decorative pot doesn’t drain, no need to worry, just keep the plant in the grower’s plastic pot and set that inside.  Just remove the plant in the grower’s plastic pot when it is time to water.

  • Most of the plants want to have their roots at least 50% in the pot before up potting.

  • A shallow pot is ideal for succulents and cactus as they have shallow roots and need to go drier between watering.

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