Watering Tips for Your Indoor Garden


Every home environment is different, lighting and heat contributes to this also. While there is no schedule we can say is ideal for your home, you can use this guide as a starting point when learning the best timeframe to water your plants.

Let succulents go really dry between watering. Three weeks to a month between watering. During the winter let go dryer, just enough to not shrivel the plants. If they start to shrivel, just water thoroughly in a pot that drains well.

Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig)
Great tree with large leaves for the bright sunny location in your home! Soil needs to dry thoroughly between watering. The soil needs to be dry through to the bottom drain holes. Almost dry enough that the leaves start to droop. Too much water will cause brown spots on the leaves. Too long in between will cause the bottom leaves to yellow and drop.

Most like to slightly dry between watering, about 1-2” down from the top of the soil, where the pot is much lighter than when watered.  Maidenhair and Birdsnest ferns need to go a little drier. None of the ferns like to go completely dry between watering. All varieties need to be in a well-draining pot.

Sanseveria (Snake Plant)
Needs to go really dry between watering.  3 weeks to a month between watering. Wait until the soil at the bottom drain hole is dry. Does not do well with moisture in the soil when watered.

Anthurium (Flamingo Lily)
Does best when allowed to dry thoroughly between watering. Fertilize with an organic liquid fertilizer to keep the beautiful blooming color!

Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)
Easy to care for and great for your air! Let dry thoroughly between watering, almost to the point of wilting.  If you let it wilt, no problem! Water thoroughly in a pot that drains well and it will bounce back within a few hours. You may have some browning leaves at the bottom that can be easily trimmed.

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