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Even though our Pacific Northwest weather can be unpredictable, when the sun comes out, everyone wants to be outside. The very best way to ensure you and your family get the most out of those crisp spring mornings and long summer days is to extend your living space outdoors.

Anchor outdoor living rooms with comfortable seating in neutral tones, then dress them up with vibrant colored or patterned pillows and throws. If you prefer to keep a more modern, tone-on-tone look, layer on texture and mix materials—pairing wicker with metal, wood, glass or stone. 

Going neutral with your larger pieces will ensure these foundational pieces stay in style, giving you the freedom to accessorize with the latest trend each season to keep things looking fresh. 

The same rules apply to outdoor dining. Go for comfortable, neutral options that are made to last and dress them up with each season’s favorites.

Adorn tables with low-growing centerpieces that add texture and color, without getting in the way of a cross-table conversation. Add lighting or a fire table to ensure you get the most of those warm summer nights.

If you have a large space to fill, consider dividing it up into rooms. A rug will define an outdoor living room and planters can serve as dividers or a transition space. They can also be used to make a conversation spot more private and cozy. 

Small spaces can feel luxurious when filled with the unique features. Save floor space with wall planters. Fill them with plants that will spill over the sides as they grow for a nice effect. Layer color or texture over furniture pieces to add dimension and make the space feel welcoming.

If you have seating and dining areas that are disconnected from the house connect them with pathways. Simple stepping stones will entice visitors follow and discover your outdoor oasis.

Most importantly, make your outdoor destination your own by adding special pieces that you simply love. Driftwood from that trip you took to the coast might look great in a planter and the handblown glass piece you picked up on a whim could be added to a side table. When you treat outdoor rooms like any other room they become an extension of your living space to be enjoyed all season long. 



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