Watson's Designed: Beach Memories


Plant your own beach inspired getaway with this design.

Watson’s Designed Gardens: Download the plan, pick up the plants at Watson’s and make it your own.

Nothing evokes memories of a summer beach trip like the wind blowing through the dune grasses. Plant tall light Miscanthus for a background, Orange Carex for year round color and the adorable ‘Bunny’ Pennisetum on the front edge. Anchored by a twisted dwarf Pine tree and flanked by drought tolerant shrubs and colorful perennials, adds four seasons of color. Dwarf ‘Vandeberg’ Ceanothus brings deep purple tips in spring, ‘Newport Dwarf’ Escallonia can be counted on for 2 months of bright summer pink. Late season Rudbeckia, Kniphofia and Yarrow reflect the summer sun. Place your collected beach stones and driftwood for ‘beachy’ garden accents.



Designed by Watson’s Landscape Designer, Jackie Fausset for a 4x8’ garden plot.

Shopping list

Three Tall Grasses
Choose one:

  • 3 Tall Fountain Grass

  • 3 Maiden Grass

Six Ornamental Grasses

  • 3 Orange Carex

  • 3 ‘Bunny’ Pennisetum

Two Small Evergreens

  • 1 Small Pine Tree

  • 1 TRUdwarf Mugo Pine

Three Smaller Shrubs

  • 1 ‘Vandenberg’ Ceanothus

  • 1 Newport Dwarf Escallonia

  • 1 Groundcover Juniper

Five Perennials

  •  1 Kniphofia

  • 1 Achillea

  • 1 Rudbeckia

  • 1 Stone Crop

  • 1 Autumn Joy Sedum

Essential Amendments

  • E.B. Stone Compost

  • E.B. Stone Starter Fertilizer

Orange Carex

Orange Carex

Maiden Grass

Maiden Grass

Autumn Joy Sedum

Autumn Joy Sedum