Watson's Designed: Made for the Shade


Deeply shaded gardens go from mossy to magnificent with lush textures, serine beauty and vanilla fragrance.

Watson’s Designed Gardens: Download the plan, pick up the plants at Watson’s and make it your own.

All of us have an area of deep shade in our gardens, sometimes in the shadow of the house, under large evergreens or a covered arbor. You’ll know it by the persistent moss it nurtures. This is an opportunity to feature plants that have a lush and serene beauty to them, found nowhere under the sun. The texture of evergreen ferns contrast beautifully with the tropical-looking leaves of variegated Hosta. Winter-blooming Sarcococca has an amazing vanilla fragrance and makes a nice backdrop for Hellebores. For lace like texture and height, center a white and green leaf Japanese Maple such as ’Sister Ghost or ‘Flying Cloud’. ‘Spider Web’ Fatsia is a fascinating evergreen and adds a lot of interest. If you need some privacy screening, ‘Bean Pole’ columnar Yew will grow in the deepest shade. 



Designed by Watson’s Landscape Designer, Jackie Fausset for a 4x8’ garden plot.

Shopping list

One Japanese Maple
Choose one:

  • ‘Sister Ghost’ Japanese Maple

  • ‘Flying Cloud’ Japanese Maple

Three Small Shrubs:

  • ‘Encore Autumn’ Azaleas

  • ‘Spider Web’ Fatsia

One Conifer:

  • 1 Thorsen’s Hemlock

Two Ferns:

  • 1 Japanese Painted Fern

  • 1 Tassel Fern

Six Perennials:

  • 1 Brunnera

  • 2 Verigated Hostas

  • 1 Hellebore

  • 1 Bergenia

  • 1 Lime Green Heuchera

Essential Amendments

  • E.B. Stone Compost

  • E.B. Stone Starter Fertilizer

‘Sister Ghost’ Japanese Maple

‘Sister Ghost’ Japanese Maple

Tassel Fern

Tassel Fern