Watson's Designed: Hummingbird Haven


Winter blooms, fragrance and hummingbirds. What more could a gardener’s heart desire?

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Nothing brings more delight to a gardener than seeing hummingbirds sipping from their garden perennials and shrubs. Two species of hummingbirds spend the winter in the Pacific Northwest: Anna’s and Rufus. Serious gardeners and birdwatchers will want to include these late fall and winter blooming shrubs and perennials to provide some much-needed nectar during the short, cold days of winter. Many of the plants on the list are long-blooming evergreens, which provide shelter from cold wind and rains. 



Designed by Watson’s Landscape Designer, Jackie Fausset for a 4x8’ garden plot.

Shopping list

One Tall Winter Blooming Shrub
Choose one:

  • Camellia Sasanqua

  • Hamamelis (Which Hazel

  • Mahonia

  • Grevillea

  • Dawn Viburnum

Two Smaller Shrubs:

  • 1 Daphne Odora

  • 1 Sarcococca Ruscifolia

Two Evergreens:

  • 2 Mediterranean Heather

Three Perennials:

  • 1 Hardy Fuchsia

  • 1 Prostrate Rosemary

  • 2 Hellebores

Essential Amendments

  • E.B. Stone Compost

  • E.B. Stone Starter Fertilizer

Camellia Sasanqua

Camellia Sasanqua

Sarcococca Ruscifolia

Sarcococca Ruscifolia

Daphne Odora

Daphne Odora