Project For a Cold Day: Terrarium


Project For a Cold Day: Terrarium

Shopping List:

1 Glass Container

1 Bag Uni-Gro Charcoal

1 cup gravel

1 bag of Espoma Organic Planting Mix or Cactus Mix

Plants of your choosing!

Step 1: the base

Start with a ½ inch layer of charcoal and a layer of gravel at the base of your container to help with drainage.

Step 2: adding soil

Add a layer of moist potting soil deep enough for the roots of the plants you have selected. In this case we used the Espoma Cactus Planting Mix because we plan to use two succulents plants another great option is the general Espoma Planting Mix.

Step 3: planting

Choosing the right plants is important. A few things to keep in mind are the amount of light the plant requires, watering requirements, and the size of the plants relative to the container you have chosen. When you place your plants make sure to give them enough room and to not overcrowd your container. After you have place your plants fill in with soil and gently compact the soil to release any air pockets. We like to add a layer of charcoal, gravel, small rocks or moss for decoration on top.