If you have a project in mind but are unsure how to start, don’t know what to purchase, or want to bounce your ideas off of a specialist, consider the Personal Shopper service from Watson’s. Our premium, complimentary shopping service works with customers to help get projects started on the right foot, or unstuck if they’re in a rut.



Like all service and advice from Watson’s, a Personal Shopper consultation is completely free!

Fill out the form below to book your appointment for one-on-one advice and customized service for all your gardening and home décor projects!

Once your appointment request is submitted, a Watson’s representative will contact you to learn more about your likes, dislikes, and specific project needs.

Some of the information they’ll be looking for is;

  • What types of things are you looking for stylistically?

  • Do you have any color preferences?

  • Do you have any products in mind? Plants or hardscape items? Furniture or pottery?

  • What information about the plan do you already have?

  • Do you have any pictures or measurements of the space?

When you arrive at the store, your Personal Shopper will have pulled items and set them aside for you to review and/or make changes. While your Personal Shopper refines the requested items, feel free to peruse the greenhouse and nursery, or relax with a book and a coffee in Anton’s Cafe.

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