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Winter hummingbird Haven

Nothing brings more delight to a gardener than seeing hummingbirds sipping from their garden perennials and shrubs. Two species hummingbirds spend the winter in the Pacific Northwest, Anna’s and Rufus. Serious gardeners and birdwatchers will want to include these late fall and winter blooming shrubs and perennials to provide some much-needed nectar during the short cold days of winter. Many of the plants on the list are long-blooming evergreens which provide shelter from cold wind and rains.

Winter blooms, fragrance and hummingbirds. What more could a gardener’s heart desire?

Autumn Flower Festival

The waning days of fall bring out some of the most beautiful colors in nature.  Orange-red leaves, bright berries and fall-blooming heather are the mainstays of the season. A new azalea, Encore Autumn, has the benefit of blooming spring, summer and fall, adding another layer of color.  The cheery,  daisy-like blooms of Black-Eyed Susan and Echinacea are must-haves in the autumn garden along with their perennial partner, Autumn Joy Sedum.



made for the shade

All of us has an area of deep shade in our gardens, sometimes in the shadow of the house, under the evergreens or covered arbor. You’ll know it by the persistent moss it nurtures. This is an opportunity to feature plants that have a lush and serene beauty to them, found nowhere under the sun.

Beach memories

Nothing evokes memories of a summer beach trip the wind blowing through the dune grasses.   Plant tall back light Miscanthus for a background, Orange Carex for year round color and the adorable ‘Bunny’ Pennisetum on the front edge.   Anchored by a twisted dwarf Pine tree and flanked by drought tolerant shrubs and colorful perennials, add four seasons of color.  Dwarf ‘Vandeberg’ Ceanothus brings deep purple tips in spring,  ‘Newport Dwarf’ Escallonia can be counted on for 2 months of bright summer pink.  Late season Rudbeckia, Knophia and Yarrow reflect the summer sun.   Place your collected beach stones and driftwood for ‘beachy’ garden accents.    


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